July 23, 2018


WESH2 News: Watch: U.S. House District 8 Debate

“Incumbent Bill Posey and Sanjay Patel are running in the general election for U.S. House Florida District 8 on November 6, 2018.”

Florida Today: Republican Congressman Posey, Democratic challenger Patel disagree on just about everything

Florida Politics: Democrat Sanjay Patel launches TV ad in CD 8 contest

“Democratic congressional candidate Sanjay Patel is launching the first television commercial of his campaign Monday to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Posey in Florida’s 8th Congressional District.”

Florida Politics: Sierra Club backing Sanjay Patel in CD 8 race

“We are deeply grateful to Patel for stepping forward and standing up for what he believes in. For too long our District has been represented in a way that supports short term business profits over the health of our environment and the citizens of this district. Patel not only believes in science, he is ready to strengthen our regulatory bodies and proactively address sea level rise and climate change which are already impacting our local communities, said Jake Zehnder, Political Committee Chair for the Turtle Coast Group of Sierra Club Florida.”

TCPalm: Sanjay Patel challenges Bill Posey in Florida’s 8th congressional district race

“Indian River County has been represented by U.S. Rep. Bill Posey for nearly a decade, but for the first time, the Republican has a serious challenger in Democrat Sanjay Patel.

Patel, a community activist and former technology consultant, is well-funded, gathering large crowds at events in the district’s most populated areas and has the support of local, state and national Democratic and progressive groups and some labor unions.”

Florida Today: U.S. House candidates Bill Posey, challenger Sanjay Patel trade political jabs

“Patel said Posey “is out of touch with the needs of our district,” and won’t hold in-person town hall-style meetings with constituents. It’s the corporate interests and the party leadership that he takes direction from,” Patel said. “Our district deserves real representation in Congress.”

Florida Today: Meet the Candidates: U.S. House District 8

“While I’m not a career politician, I have become involved in local politics over the last few years to restore balance to our community and our country.”

Florida Politics: Bill Posey apologizes for ‘dumpiest house’ comment; Sanjay Patel says it’s typical condescension

“This needless division is exactly what’s wrong with our politics. It’s part of the divide and conquer strategy that is tearing communities apart. Perhaps if Posey would host town halls and listen to his constituents, he’d actually be able to understand and help folks with the issues they face, rather than insulting them.”

Florida Today: Posey apologizes for trashing opponent’s supporters, saying they have ‘dumpy houses’

“During an appearance at a meeting last week of the Trump Club of Brevard, Posey, a Republican from Rockledge, said it’s easy for him to pick out the house with the Patel campaign sign without looking for the sign because “it’s the dumpiest damn house in the neighborhood, you know. No, really.”

Florida Today: Rep. Bill Posey’s record failed the Indian River Lagoon, seniors

“Based on his record, Posey’s partisanship, and the interests of his corporate donors, take precedence over seniors, our environment and working people.”

Florida Politics: Bernie Sanders makes endorsements in several Florida races

“I’m proud to be supporting nine incredible candidates for office in Florida,” Sanders tweeted, with pictures of the nine, including Gillum. “Early voting has begun so let’s get out the vote to transform Florida from the bottom on up!”

Florida TodayBill Posey put partisanship before principle in Russian meddling answer | Opinion

“This kind of blind allegiance, even when faced with facts, is perhaps the single largest threat facing our nation when it comes to making any kind of meaningful progress. It’s the reason our country is divided and many family members can’t have conversations with one another at the dinner table. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or have no party at all, we must all be Americans first.”

Florida Politics: …Orlando Hispanic chamber straw poll

“A straw poll conducted Thursday night at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando…of more than 300 participants of a hobnob showed a strong Republican lean as is typical of most chambers of commerce.

The poll also offered some surprises that should send warning signals to Republican operatives: Sanjay Patel…drew impressive support in polls involving U.S. Rep. Bill Posey in Florida’s 8th Congressional District.”

Florida TodayBrevard County commissioners ask Florida attorney general to join lawsuit challenging DACA

“Congressional candidate Sanjay Patel said the County Commission resolution opposing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is ‘un-American’ and ‘detracts from this commission’s ability to focus on the important issues in our country that are your job, like our county services, our roads and our lagoon.'”

Florida TodayRussia ‘probably’ meddled in US election & Rep. Bill Posey’s not surprised

But, this year, Patel is showing signs of putting up a far larger challenge than Posey has faced before. Patel’s campaign raised $101,067 in the second quarter, most of it from nearly 1,300 individual contributors, for an overall total of $192,179 raised since he announced his candidacy at the end of January.”

Florida Politics: Democratic Challenger Sanjay Patel out-raises Bill Posey in Quarter for CD 8

“Democratic challenger Sanjay Patel raised $101,000 in the second quarter of his campaign for Florida’s 8th Congressional District, besting incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Posey‘s fundraising efforts by more than $30,000.”

Florida Politics: College Dems endorse Sanjay Patel, Margaret Good, Anna Eskamani, Mark Lipton

“Patel is a dedicated grassroots activist and has helped Brevard Dems rise to the ranks as one of the biggest grassroots organizations in the state…Patel is a fighter for progressive values and really shows his message of ‘People over Politics.’”

The Young TurksMillions of Floridians Without Health Insurance

India AbroadCongressional races add 4 more Indian-American hopefuls

“He was 1 year old when his family came to the U.S., he said.  His father worked at a 7-Eleven and his vegetarian mother worked at a McDonald’s while raising four children.”

IndiaWestIndian American Activist Sanjay Patel Running for Congress in Florida, Will Work for Guaranteed Healthcare

“He also said he will work to build prosperity for Florida’s families, guarantee healthcare for all Americans, protect the state’s land, air, and water, and reform immigration policy to reflect America’s deepest values.”

Florida TodayBrevard Republicans need a wakeup-call

“The rookie politician who apparently woke up one day, had a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and decided in his foray into elected office to run for Congress, is loud, getting attention and the Democratic machine is supporting him.”

Orlando RisingSanjay Patel may turn heads with latest fundraising report

“Sanjay Patel just posted the best quarterly fundraising report by a Democrat running for Florida’s 8th Congressional District this century, nearly matching incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Posey.”

Florida PoliticsBrevard Democratic official Sanjay Patel enters CD 8 race against Bill Posey

“Patel’s political beliefs began through family matters. His parents immigrated from India to Los Angeles … They worked at low-wage jobs and sent Patel and his three siblings through college, he said, cementing his beliefs in immigrants and the American Dream.”

Florida Today: Democratic Official Sanjay Patel to Run Against Posey for Congress

“I believe it’s time to cultivate a real conversation on the Space and Treasure coasts about economic, social and environmental justice for all people,” Patel said. “I look forward to meeting with, listening to and learning from voters throughout our community over the next several months, as we embark upon what I’m sure will be an extraordinary journey.”

CNNWhy I took to the streets: The people behind the protests of 2016

“Sanjay Patel is a project manager for a biotech firm who lives in Satellite Beach, Florida.  That’s a good 2,000 miles from Cannon Ball, South Dakota, where thousands of protestors stood this year with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and against a proposed pipeline.”