July 23, 2018


Florida Today: Democrat Sanjay Patel is third challenger for incumbent Commissioner John Tobia in 2020 election

“Former Democratic State Committeeman Sanjay Patel on Thursday entered the race for the District 3 Brevard County Commission seat now held by Republican John Tobia.”

Florida Today: Police review board idea pushed to monitor sheriff’s office

“Sanjay Patel of Satellite Beach, the Democratic Party’s state committeeman representing Brevard County, said he supports the proposal, while at the same time supporting police.”

“We should do all we can to create a justice system, from policing to public defense to sentencing and detention that is, in fact, just,” Patel said. “One way to foster justice is to ensure our institutions are directly accountable to the citizens they serve. I support the idea of a police review board to ensure that communities who are most harmed by destructive policing have a say in things like police policies, budgeting, hiring and firing of officers, determining disciplinary action, and have the power to subpoena relevant agency information.”