July 30, 2018


As your County Commissioner, I’ll work together with our constituents to:

Cultivate a community where our residents, local businesses, and our environment can thrive. 

  • Support COVID recovery efforts that prioritize public health and protect the economic well-being of local families.
  • Foster smart, sustainable growth, and make decisions based on science that protect our lagoon and environmentally endangered lands.
  • Support & expand our vibrant community of small local businesses.
  • Expand affordable housing, public transportation, and services for children, working families, and the elderly.
  • Ensure developers pay their fair share when they impact our natural resources & public infrastructure.
  • Proactively plan for the expansion, improvement, and maintenance of County infrastructure (wastewater, sewer, roads, etc.), addressing projected impacts due to climate change and sea level rise.
  • Migrate County infrastructure to greener, more sustainable alternatives, and adopt policies that encourage local families and businesses to do the same.

Replace “good ol’ boy” local politics with fresh perspective and real representation.

  • Restore balance to a Commission on which every current member is committed to a single political ideology.
  • Respect the First Amendment and the right of residents to be heard without fear of attack or retribution for their views, religion, or political affiliation.
  • Implement campaign finance, election, and ethics reforms to ensure County contracts and Commission decisions don’t unfairly benefit donors, cronies, political allies, and lobbyists.
  • Improve communication & transparency of Commission decision-making in an effort to significantly increase citizen participation in County government.
  • Oppose efforts to further consolidate or significantly expand the power or budget of Constitutional offices without total transparency and clearly documented benefit to local residents.
  • Work with local residents to identify and implement reforms that enhance accountability of government agencies to taxpayers, including a Citizens’ Review Board for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. 

Serve our community with: 

  • Civility: ALL of our constituents deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Courage: We must stand up to powerful special interests and stand with the people we represent.
  • Compassion: Kindness and understanding for those that are suffering or struggling.