January 31, 2018


Sanjay Patel is an activist, changemaker, and project manager who has nearly two decades of diverse experience in the government, corporate and nonprofit sectors. A graduate of UCLA with a degree in Economics, Sanjay began his career in technology, strategy and consulting roles at Deloitte, Genentech and the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency. He then launched a small consulting business in San Francisco, and subsequently founded a nonprofit that used social media to raise funds for changemakers across the globe.

Sanjay has lived in Brevard for over a decade, where he relocated with his wife, Stacey, whose family has called Brevard home for generations. Most recently, Sanjay has focused his efforts on providing mutual aid to families across Brevard in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2018, Sanjay was the Democratic nominee to represent Florida’s 8th District in the US Congress.  Sanjay earned more votes and raised more money than any other Democrat that has run for that seat with an average donation amount less than $9.00, and 40% of the vote.

In 2020, he was the Florida Field Director for US Senator Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign.

In 2016, Sanjay traveled to multiple states as an organizer during the 2016 presidential primaries, served as one of Brevard’s elected delegates to the Democratic National Convention, spent several weeks at Standing Rock, and was elected State Committeeman of the Brevard Democratic Party (BrevardDems).

In that role, he was appointed to a statewide Resolutions Committee, where he led the Florida Democratic Party to adopt resolutions supporting economic justice and fair wages, healthcare as a human right, guaranteed public education for all Floridians from pre-K through college or trade school, and opposing big money in politics.

When he has a few spare moments, Sanjay enjoys playing pickleball and growing vegetables in his garden.